Valuing Diversity Through Movement

The aim of VADIMO youth exchange was to provide a lived experience of diversity to youngsters from around Europe by a) living together in a fully inclusive intercultural environment and b) engaging in universally designed physical activities.
This project will educate in diversity with a view to preventing and addressing social problems such as racism, homophobia and/or social exclusion of people with fewer opportunities such as people with functional diversity or neurodiversity.
The main objectives of this project are to:
• Recognise diversity through recreational physical activity and in everyday life activities
• Share realities and understand another country's cultures.
• Gain interpersonal skills and competences
• Exchange experiences and knowledge about inclusive physical activities
• Raise awareness about interdependence of people
• Promote active lifestyles regardless level of ability
What does it mean to value diversity through movement? VADIMO considers ‘movement’ as follows:
1. We will learn to value diversity through adapted physical activity, recreational sport, inclusive games and, ultimately, using any form that involves movement.
2. The movement is what allows us to adapt to new situations; it is what allows us to act; to find solutions to problems. In short, movement is what allows us to learn.
3. Movement as an action carried out by a group of people with a specific objective. In this case, VADIMO wants to be a movement for social inclusion. In a fast-paced society, reflection is essential to understand better ourselves and the reality in our communities. The reflection will be the means that will allow us to define the end. How to achieve this end? Through collective action, that is, through movement.
The youth

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